Marival Jurai

Marival Jurai is a 5'7" Princess of Jurai. She also is a Priestess adept in holy and healing powers, she does know some destructive holy powers like Holy fire. She spent half her life learning the teachings of Priesthood and spent some time learning other lessons like ancient languages and translations from Ciylen, a head priestess of the Jurian temple of light.

On her 26th birthday, still looking 16, she left Jurai to help on a mission on Aldred, she was then accepted in the senshi muyo team at that time, she barely talked or opened up to anyone, barely speaking a word other than yes or no, she only told them her first name at the time, since she noticed a few Dark Jurians among the team roster, afraid what revealing she was a Jurian would have among them, let alone a princess. Her cover was soon blown when she was forced to summon her Jurian light hawk wing. She did it saving one of the teammates and was accepted despite her heritage.

After fighting in some other battles, including one to seal a woman with the power to challenge gods themselves, she resided on Neth, learning about Dark Jurian culture and soon came to understand and respect the people and their culture, and in doing so, she was granted her 2nd light hawk wing, Since she didn't have access to life waters during her stay on Neth, she aged, her hair growing to the length of her ankles, and her body aging to that of a 23 year old woman. During her stay on Neth, she studied and learned her choice form of melee combat, 2 weapon fighting.

Her Combat style is 2 weapon fighting, she would use a katana in her right arm and her key blade in her left, she choose this arrangement since her right arm is stronger than her left, so she would be able to swing the heavier katana with just as much force as key blade in her slightly weaker left arm since the key blade weighs very little. She has also been known to fire off some holy fire for distance fighting.

She has been currently taken back to Jurai since she was found to have a potential and a gift. Her father the Emperor himself said this, and has bestowed her a sword symbolizing her birthright. An intricate Shirow blade, made by the best master smiths of Jurai, bathed in the life waters of the planet itself, given to the priesthood of Jurai and bathed in their holy radiance, then given to psi crushers and they placed many intricate seals upon the blade. It resides in a sapphire blue sheath, unknown to the color of the blade of the time, but the hilt is a cross piece resembling a flowing flame.

While not expressing it, her heart is being torn in two, after being taken to the Shrine of Rememberence, and shown the forest of trees and shrubs, each one resembling a death in the great Jurian – Dark Jurian war, and told that each Dark Jurian has the potential to cause this devastation again. She is trying to decide weather to return to her friends, or stay by her father's side and accept her birthright as a Princess of Jurai.