Halya dae

Halya stands at 5'10" tall with black hair a around shoulder length and deep green eyes. She is a Techoren, but often favors Dark Juraian style dress.

Halya was born on the pirate destroyer Demon's Fortune to Captain Jack Dae and his wife Anne. As part of the pirate band Demon's Hand, they and their crew made their fortune alternately plundering shipping, raiding outposts, and working mercenary jobs.

Halya began training for battle at an early age, though she generally performed a support role, usually around the electronic warfare station. She undoubtedly would have followed in her parents' footsteps, but for events that happened near the world of Senkai.

The Demon's Fortune had captured a prize ship, a transport carrying a load of valuable metals. However, it was a trap. Too late they discovered a microtransmitter concealed in their haul. They were confronted by three warships, and attempted to flee, but were forced out of subspace near the world of Senkai. The ship was taking some heavy hits, and was soon out of the fight, so Halya and many of the crew made for the escape pods.

When Halya exited the escape pod, she was alone in a strange land, unarmed save for a combat knife she found stashed in the pod. She was unable to raise anyone on com. Seeing no reason to stay with the pod, she abandoned it and set about making her way in this new world.

She eventually fell in with a group of bandits. She worked with them for a year or so, proving a quick study with the sword. Then one day she saw a crashing ship, and quietly left the bandits' camp. It was at the crash site that she met up with the team that would become known as the Seishi.

Halya has come quite a way since then. She is now one of the commanders of Neth, and even something of a hero. She likes the respect this gains her, however it's important to remember an important fact - she is still Halya.

And she can still be quite dangerous.