Fyra Feanaur

At 5'7" tall, Fyra has is both attractive and deadly. She has fiery red hair, and tendencies to match, preferring the use of spells that use fire and even somehow converting spells that would normally use other types of energy to fire. However, she is not (overly) insanely drawn to fire, and will use other types of spells if she deems it appropriate. Fyra was born on Aldred, but moved to Aijur at an early age. Her family was rather well off, and quickly established themselves on Aijur. Her mother and father were both experienced spell casters, and it was a foregone conclusion that she would follow in her family's footsteps. Much of her early life was spent in study, her spare time spent in liesurely comfort. It was not until Aijur was attacked, and both of her parents killed that she truly gained purpose. Her only surviving relatives are her older brother and younger sister, with whom she left most of her parents' possessions. Fyra that day swore she would do everything she could to end such needless misuse of magic. She has found little opportunity to do so thus far, but that serves as the driving passion of her life. Her other goal in life is to end the foolish contest that cost her parents their lives, in whatever way she can.