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Location: Auckland

Post by Mystic » Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:21 am

The largest city in New Zealand, the prized jewel of the supernatural wars has never left vampire hands, prehaps this city is the reason the Kindred rule as the most dominating force in the country. That is... until now.

Auckland was founded in 1840 and it wasnt long before Invictus vampire Boris Ashfield set himself up as the ruling Prince. A sharp buisness mind and a coldened heart, even for a kindred, was a recipe for success. Both Auckland and the Kindred flourished in Ashfield's 85 year reign, any Gharou introusion was meet with swift and voilent force and no Kindred dared oppesse him, the few that did never lasted long.

But the passage of time caught up with Boris Ashfield as his bloods potency grew to great and he was forced to step down and desappear for his long sleep, a sleep from which he has not yet awoken. Sammantha Evens was choosen as his Invictus successor but she lacked the charmasia and personal power of her predesccor. Kindred enemies of Ashfield, long cowed into submission, began to move against the ruling reigme.

In 1929 the stock market crashed around the world shattering the Invictus and Kindred powerbase. Auckland was already caught in a quiet civil war as Kindred Elders moved against Sammanthas ruling cuoncil, vunerable and exposed the Pure Blood Gharou invaded the city. The Forsaken Gharou, realising the critcal nature of the situation and prehaps seeing a chance to sieze the city for themselves rushed into a three way war. It would be remembered as the bloodiest time in Aucklands history.

Sammantha to her credit clung long and hard to the reigns of power, but her totallian appraoch allowed no room for negiations, no chance to brooker peace, Sammantha would settle for nothing less than complete and utter victory no matter the cost. Unfortuantly for Sammantha it was a price not even her own council was prepared to pay. Sammantha's exact fate is unknown, she desappeared one night, her manison in flames, some blaim rebel Kindred, others the Pure Blood Silver Claws or the Forsaken Iron Mastesr, a few even accuse her own circle.

It was in this power vaccum that current Prince Marcius appeared. He was able to coinvince the warring Kindred that they needed to unite to survive the war, he then brookered an agreement with the falting Pure Bloods. The two forced combined drove the Forsaken out of Auckland, the Kindred where able to reinstate their dominent power and the Pure Bloods got the scraps

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