Dragons of Senshi Muyo

It is a difficult task to identify and name all dragons currently in existence. Some have been created through the machinations of divine entities, others through natural evolution or magical manipulation. At this point no one can be certain on all current existing breeds, but there are a few key types almost all researchers believe always existed.

These breeds are considered pure or true dragons, and all have a connection to the elemental building blocks that make up our universe. Scholars believe the two creator gods created the first five dragon breeds to assist with the building of the multiverse and to stand as watchers and guardians over their respective elements. This theory has yet to be proven.

The Breeds

The five true dragon breeds are as follows, Red (connected to the element fire), Blue (connected to the element of water and ice), White (connected to the sky and winds), Green (connected to the element of earth) and Black (now believe to be connected to death).

All five breeds possess similar traits. All are psychically powerful, growing considerably more so with age. A young dragons skin maybe penetrated by armour piercing rounds, an older dragon may require the heavy firepower of artillery, and the eldest of dragons heavy starship fire. Likewise they all possess a breath weapon connected to the element they breath, Red (Fire), Blue (Freezing), White (lighting), Green (acid), Black (Life drain). These breath weapons naturally also grow more powerful with age. A young dragons breath maybe negated by strong armour, an old dragons breath may melt an entire tank.

The dragons also have a limited control of their related element. This of course starts with naturally immunity to that elemental type. As a dragon ages this elemental command improves, and the eldest of dragons can drastically alter and effect the environment around them.

Red Dragons

Guardians of flame, some believe them to be bearers of new life, scorching and destroying all impurities so that fresh life may grow in its place, others of course simply see them as great destroyers. Red dragons are seen as violent and temperamental, and frequently assume superiority over almost all forms of life. Red dragons seem to have lost their place in the modern universe, retreating into the wastes of abandoned planets.

Blue Dragons

Guardians of water, rulers of the frozen wastes, Blue dragons appear to take a cold and detached view to civilization. Many an expanding empire has suffered the wrath of blue dragons due to over fishing and extensive water pollution. Still some blue dragons see their lordship of the frozen wastes as the ulimate fate of things, and go to great lengths to spread the chilling colds. As a result many blue dragons have become inserted in arcane magic.

White Dragons

Guardian of the Skies, masters of the four winds, White dragons watch with a curious interest the lives of those below them. Commonly feared as great predators due to their stealthy aerial tactics white dragons have a great interest in the growth of worlds. It is not uncommon for white dragons to infiltrate various empires to simply watch or take part in a races day to day politics, and it is also just as common for white dragons to steal artifacts of civilization.

Green Dragons

Guardians of Earth, protectors of nature, it is the green dragons who have suffered most at the hands of ever expanding empires. Once it is believed that green dragons were peaceful guardians of the land, teaching farming and agriculture to fledgling races, but such times are no more. Green dragons of today are seen as violent destroyers of civilization, seeking to bring ruin and destruction upon thoughtless, overtaxing empires. Some believe these dragons to be insane.

Black Dragons

Scholars hold the belief that black dragons were once guardians of life (soul), but that some event in their past, dating back to around the dawn of time, irreversibly corrupted their entire race. Black dragons are cruel, cunning and sinister creatures that delight in the suffering and torment of others. They crave nothing but death, and have began to draw upon the powers of vile ancient divine beings.