Codex Techoren: Weapons

The Techoren are a warrior race and as such have excelled at weapon design and utilization. From their fighter crafts, to their tanks, to their infantry they have constructed a broad arsenal of weapons and make liberal use of both Energy and Ballistic based technologies. While the introduction of Energy weapons has greatly enhanced the firepower of the Federation, through longer lasting clips, extremely decreased recoil ratio and high yield deep impact weapons, many Techoren still favor old fashion ballistics.

"Its worked for thousands of years and still works now, why would we use anything else?"
- General Natasha Brigs, The Guild Wars

And indeed with good reason! As Natasha Brigs reported to her guild, and I concur with her statements on the subject, many ballistic based weapons through the utilization of advanced technologies are fully capable of unleashing a rate of fire above most Energy based rivals. Furthermore Ballistic based firearms are much more ideally suited to ambush situations as it is considerably more difficult for the opposition to trace the origin's of fire. A final and important note was later added by the Mentat Joshive in regard to alien life forms. It Essentially stated that some life forms encountered had appeared to be resistant, if not highly, to energy weapons, while similar enemies existed that were resilient to ballistics a suitable application of advanced armor piercing bullets allowed conventional ballistics to overcome this problem vastly easier than their Energy based counterparts. It is because of these reasons that The Nine felt the use of both Ballistic and Energy weapons is essential to the success of the Federation armies. Both varieties possess unique advantages and disadvantages and it was decided the best way to fill the gap of one was through the use of the other.

Firearms are exceedingly well spread within Techoren society. Many individuals feel it is both their right and responsibility to own a firearm and the various world governments encourage this, if for no other reason than to increase the defensive potential of their world. As a result firearms are easily acquired, though not cheaply, across the whole of Federation space. I feel it also worth noting that the Techoren do have gun licenses, as a way of controlling the level of firearms a person can buy. Further more military issue firearms are just about never sold on the open market.