Codex Techoren: Vehicles

"Trust in your feelings Commander."
"No, I'm pretty sure I’m going to use this expensive targeting system."
- Commander Lucyess, The Confederation Wars.

There are three key principles to the success of any military, the first two are Weapons and Armor, both of which I have already shown the Techorens excel at. The third key point to military success is mobility, a lesson the Techoren have learned over countless eons of war. Most vehicular advances originate within the military sector and with the progression of time, and obsoletion, eventually trickle down into the civilian market. As such it’s not overly surprising that civilian vehicles are almost always inferior to their military counter parts.

Hover technology plays a big part within Techoren society, both in and out of the battlefield. It allows for lightweight, fast transportation without the need for messy fossil fuels. Its utilization on the battlefield has allowed for the quick mobilization and repositioning of otherwise heavy artillery, and it has allowed lightweight military vehicles to traverse otherwise unnavigitable terrain. It is however not without its short comings, the anti grav engines of hover vehicles often make for easy targets and have to be heavily shielded to prevent easy incapacitation of otherwise strongly armored vehicles. Additionally if the anti grav system is to function correctly there is only so much weight a vehicle is capable of sustaining, as such Hover vehicles are often only mediumly armored at best. Because of these flaws and draw backs the Techoren still make frequent use of both wheeled and treaded vehicles, indeed the most powerful of their Tanks are treaded, considering the heavy weapons armament and thick armor plating it possesses, its little wonder.

Most lightly armored vehicles within the military are used as a means of transportation in some way or another. While there are many different varieties of these, the two most commonly employed is the Jeep and the Hover Bike. The Jeep is standard use by the Marine Corp, it uses a strengthen synrubber tires, light weight chassis and often sports some type of heavy weapon on the top. The Hover Bike on the other hand is employed for scouting runs or by high-speed support/assault squads. The standard version comes unarmed but sub variants exist sporting various weapon types. One type of light armored vehicle not used for transport is the Battle Mecha, or hard suit. This machine is a larger bulkier version of power armor, its hands are often replaced with heavy weapons and several smaller weapons are grafted onto its sides.

All Techoren tanks come in one of two types, treaded or hover, and within those two types every tank falls into one of three sub variants, anti air, anti infantry and anti tank. As explained above Hover Tanks are medium armored and are used as heavy support vehicles on the battlefield, they are able to quickly cross large distances to supply needed anti air fire, deal with a heavily armored target or break fortified infantry positions, where and when needed. In comparison their treaded counterparts are nothing more than slow moving, not really that slow, behemoths. Also heavily armed these machines of war are able to unleash a truly devastating barrage of fire, and with their exceedingly thick armor plating, what they lack in speed they most certainly make up for in survivability.

The Federation possesses a host of air based fighter craft, from deep space tactical fighters, to aerial planetary bombers. The Techoren make heavy use of their fighters in space based conflicts and have successfully developed what many consider the most powerful fighter craft in all of the Great Alliance. All fighter craft possess a degree of high maneuverability and moderate to high armaments, however the key to their success lays in the fact that all fighter craft maintain a fully functional shield generator. The Marine Corp also makes use of another type of air-based craft, The Agrav Copter, or Anti Grav Copter. These copters make use of an advanced version of hover technology that allows them to actually fly, although it fails outside of planetary atmosphere. Though slower than conventional fighters they possess thicker armor plating and often-larger ammo supplies. Often deployed as mobile support units, Agrav copters are also used for the deployment of specialist stealth teams, being much less visible and quiet compared to the usually employed drop ships.