Codex Techoren: Society

Life in the Federation is always fast paced; there is always somewhere to go and something to do. Techoren's seem driven by a compulsive urge to excel, to succeed and to be the best. The Federation is truly a place of equal opportunity, for there a person can succeed regardless of gender, color or starting economical status, and everyone knows it. It is for these reasons that they have such a competitive society.

There are two paths to success within the Federation, the first is the corporation, the second is the military, and those who can often take both. Business is everywhere, from the street corner shop to the multi global corporations; they offer literally millions of employment positions, both legal and illegal in nature. Everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder in someway or another. While some businessmen compete and vie with each other over bigger and better positions, other less scrupulous individuals earn a living by seeing to the success and failures of others through specific “interventions”, they themselves constantly strive to catch the eye of larger and wealthier clients.

Yet it is the military that receives the greatest admiration, for the Techoren is a society of war. Hundreds of fleets wage battle across the stars, culling rebellions, guarding merchant lines, defending territory borders, crushing alien incursions and ensuring the safety of Techoren and other alien species within the worlds of Federation space. It is these wars that feed and drive the economy and force the Techoren to excel so greatly, yet all of their achievements would be for naught if not for the brave soldiers who constantly wage these battles. Without them the Federation would fall beneath the hordes of its enemies, and so the greatest of soldiers becomes the stuff of legends. In fact so great is the admiration and respect gained that it is now virtually impossible to join the Senate or obtain a high ranking government position without having first served in the military with notable distinction.