Codex Techoren: Sentinels

I am not even entirely sure just what a Sentinel is classified as, for while it is true that a Sentinel is a machine of war it is certainly not a vehicle. Sentinels were created eons ago at the peak of the Star Confederations power to help protect against the forces of the Outer Rim. Their sole purpose was to supply elite heavy ground support force for planetary colonies against enemy units and crafts that had slipped past Defensive Starfleet’s; it was a role at which they excelled. With the fall of the Star Confederation the secret to the Sentinels creation was lost, at least until recently, and the Sentinels were put into stasis sleep to be awakened when needed, a situation that has occurred very rarely.

A Sentinel is a massive humanoid shaped machine standing approximately 20 feet tall, varying per unit. It has two large bulky shoulders, giving it a hunched appearance, with broad arms and hands, a small head rests in between them on its thick bulky body and its legs have a broad solid appearance similar to its shoulders. Most designs have two large jet intakes on the back and either two shoulder mounted energion cannons, or Quantum torpedo launchers. Each comes with a further customized weapons armament, consisting from arm mounted miniguns, energy cannons, body mounted ripper beams, and nano rocket launchers to hand imbedded phasic energy claws. It is impossible to give an exact weapons profile, as it is the Sentinels themselves that are, upon reanimation, redesigning their weapons armament in recognition of latest Techoren advances.

As deadly as a Sentinel may appear it is at least 10x more so. Its metallic body is almost completely constructed out of Ultroneim and as if this wasn’t enough it also contains several nano repair features to undo any physical damage the machine might sustain. Furthermore the more vulnerable or important parts of the Sentinel, i.e. head, body core and major joints, are protected by a phasic energy shield. The less vulnerable areas of the Sentinel are still protected by a Deflective shield barrier, thus giving the Sentinel two layers of defensive shielding plus its own additional body armor. Taking down a Sentinel is far less easy than it first appears.

Sentinels have no pilots; in fact they have no cockpit or any other form of manual control at all. They were designed before the discovery of artificial intelligence, and since the unleashing of Starfire the Techorens have held a deep-seated fear of AI intellects, no the way a Sentinel is controlled is far more ingenious. Through the use of arcane inspired tech the soul was taken from a dying soldier and infused into the body of the Sentinel. These souls were taken from the greatest of the then Star Confederation, the brightest, loyalist and most skilled patriots. However there were some difficulties, not all souls handled the trauma of death and body transference as well as others, and after the passage of so many eons many awakening Sentinels find themselves surrounded by an entirely different empire to the one they once loved so many generations ago. It is for these reasons that The Nine are loathe to employ any Sentinels at all.

I have also heard additional rumors that there exists a type vastly more powerful then even the Sentinels! Considering that in all the years I’ve watched the Techoren I have never beheld such beings I am liable to write it off as nothing more than superstition and myth, yet one thing disturbs me, all sources refer to it or them by the same name: the Devastators