Codex Techoren: Military

There are two divisions within the Techoren military, the first is the Star fleet, dealing with the deep space fighters, planetary defense jets, Agrav Copters and of course the colossus Starships themselves. The second is the Marines, with there light armored combat forces, heavily armed assault squads, highly mobile hover bike units and of course their heavily armored mechanized infantry divisions. These forces make up the backbone of the Techoren military, yet despite all their strengths, they pale in comparison to the three elite groups employed by The Nine.

The High Guard: These soldiers are the best of the best; all are survivors of countless campaigns, missions and battles. Everyone is experienced in close combat, skilled with most types of military firearms and able to operate almost all forms of ground-based vehicles. A High Guard is standardly equipped in power armor with a single heavy weapons selection, one assault rifle or smg, a handgun, one personalized close combat weapon and a dozen grenades. These elite troops are often deployed to lead military assault forces or are sometimes combined together and released as tactical commando squads. Most impressive of all is the heavy assault units employed by large-scale military battalions, so awe inspiring are these units that most soldiers have come to simply call them "The Line Breakers".

M.I.B.: The MIB or Multiversal Investigations Bureau is the enforcers of The Nine. They answer directly to the High Government and operate independent of the military. The MIB actually holds two divisions within itself, the IS (Internal Security) and the Ex (Extra Techoren) so some agents are very specialized in there fields of work. Despite this all agents are trained in marital arts, with knives and swords. They have received extensive training with all forms of firearms and have a basic understanding of how to pilot almost all ground and air based vehicles. Agents dress in a black business suit and are noted for their jet-black sunglasses they almost always wear. They typically carry two handguns, two lightweight smg's and a plasteel sword, with senior agents often having imbedded plasteel claws. This matters little however as agents have access to a vast array of weapons and items and frequently arm themselves as needed per mission. MIBs are deployed for a variety of reasons, often infiltration, elimination, espionage and sabotage. When a situation is deemed unsuitable for the deployment of large-scale troops often a small elite force of Agents is sent to take care of the matter, and they usually do with extreme prejudice.

Templar: The Order of the Templar is eons old and was first birthed in the Toren war against the Quil-Tar. Later with the invention of firearms the Templar almost all but died out, barely surviving throughout the generations. And then The Nine came and seized power, and through their decree, the Templar was reborn. Now days Templars have but one purpose, to serve and protect, for they are the elite bodyguards of The Nine, the High Government, and those deemed to important to lose. The skill of the Templars is undeniable, for while all are experienced in the use of firearms this is not their forte, their true strength lies in their dedicated perfection of marital combat, for no Techoren short of a few Senior MIB's can match a templar in marital battle. All Templars under go surgical implantation to protect vital organs, increase physical strength and enhance optical efficiency. Further more most Templars are armed with a Needle gun, Monofilament Sword, Plasteel Vibro blade, Jagharus Claws and deflective shielding. Unswerving in there loyalty many Templars still see the field of battle, deployed to protect high ranking Commanders or guard certain locations. Templars know no fear and are only ever truly defeated in death.

Section Zero: I did not list this group in the above-mentioned three because they do not answer in any way to The Nine, the government or even the military, in fact I do not know who they answer to, if anyone. It has been with great pains and risk that I have been able to uncover anything about them at all and most of that information is scantly at best. They are an Order of highly trained and skilled Empaths possessing a degree of psionic power far above any ordinary Techoren, they members can be either gender or from any world and they have high ranking individuals within the Government, the Military and Merchant Industries. I suspect the most senior ranked members of the Order do not exist within the system; they have no records, no known history and no known whereabouts. They appear to have access to the most advanced of technologies and I have seen them utilize devices even beyond my comprehension. What the exact goals of the Order are, is anyone’s guess, but as far as I can tell from my limited observations, Section Zero acts as a Black Ops MIB group, acting for the greater benefit of the Federation they step in, in the most extreme of situations, skipping all laws and protocols to eliminate a problem at its very root. The Government denies their existence, but I know, they like me know the truth, and just like me, they fear it.