Codex Techoren: Introduction

In all of the Great Alliance the Techoren Federation stands as the most technologically advanced race in its entirety. The raw destructive power of their weapon systems is second to none, that coupled with the fanatical zeal with which they fight makes the Techoren Federation one of the most dreaded, and impressive military forces in all known space. A scheming, malicious and manipulative race, distrustful by nature, the Techoren only know two truths, Profit and War. A merchant based society to which peace is only a myth and war means money. To them there is no greater glory than victory and conquest.

"In the coming Night Fall war it has been asked, on which side will the Techoren stand? Perhaps within lies the answer."
- Elder Miminesse T’Dave, House Philosophia

Operation: Deep Strike 5.1
Location: Former colony world Nyiculs
Date: Stardot 2059.3532
Troops: Deathwing Company
Primary Objectives: Repel Shikana forces
Secondary Objective: Eliminate Shikana Hive mind
Threat Level: Moderate

Lieutenant Shyla tapped her hand against the digital scanner over her right eye, as she once more cast her gaze over the deserted city. Nothing. Cautiously she glanced left and right at the other nine members of her squad, they like her were mounted on hover bikes and equipped with digital scanners, each one held up their hands giving the signal. Nothing.

To the east and just south of the dead city waited Commander Barack Tar and his Deathwing company, 2 missile hover tanks, 2 twin barrelled combat tanks, 8 weapon mounted jeeps, a 15 man power armour squad and over 100 soldiers, all waiting on Lieutenant Shyla's signal. Finally Barack heard the familiar click of his power armour’s COM "Nothing Sir".

Barack growled deeply, he knew they were there, visible or not they were there. Without looking back he give the command for his troops to prepare then tapped his COM again "Smoke ‘em out." He had no sooner finished speaking when salvos of missiles fired from the tanks behind him exploding at random points about the city.

Barack didn’t have to wait long, in less than a minute the streets were swarming with shikana, hundreds of two legged lizards had begun running towards them as hordes of smaller dog like beasts ran between their feet in a mad dash for Baracks forces. The Commander raised his left arm high then dropped it down, seconds later holes appeared in the shikana swarm as the battle tanks shots exploded among them, then came the hail of bullets and energy blasts as the soldiers let loose, the entire first wave of foul monstrosities was cut down were it stood.

He wasn’t about to give them the time to recover and without a second thought Barack was charging down the hill, his energy cannon flared tearing those nearest to him apart as he stormed into the city his soldiers not far behind him. One of the beasts leaped to the side of his blasts and then in an instant was upon him, its claws raked ineffectively against his armour before he finally slammed a kick into its chest crushing its lungs, it was still trying to gnaw on his legs when he put his cannon to its head and sent it back to whatever hell it came from.

Beside him Templar Markus had his plasteel sword out and was skilfully taking down several of the onrushing beasts. One of the dogs leaped for him as he ducked down rolling under it, his blade slicing its belly open as he called out to Barack "Where is it?"

Barack paused to tap his com as several of the jeeps pulled up beside him, troops quickly forming a defensive formation about him, onboard the battle tank DW1 the Empath Nicole received the message, "Yes Commander, I’m sensing large psychic emanations at the trade centre- Commander its a trap!"

Suddenly everyone heard it, the loud droning screech of thousands of bug like creatures, the streets trembled beneath them and the sun was blacked out by the swarms of air borne killers. A hush fell over the Deathwing Company as everyone took aim at the skies, and then they struck. There was the sound of shattering rock and stone as a massive spined worm like creature burst from the ground flipping Battle Tank 1 onto its side, in panic soldiers spun to fire upon it as it flexed its massive body, spines spray out of it cutting through the armour of nearby soldiers then from above the winged creatures descended dragging soldiers into the skies to tear them apart at their leisure.

Dozens of the creatures grabbed for Barack but Markus was there his sword twirling slicing them apart, one caught the Templar off guard its claws tearing across his chest before he to suffered the fate of his friends. Barack yelled at Markus looking in the direction of the upturned tank. "Get the Empath," with that he turned firing a energion shot into another of the wing things before tapping his COM "This is Commander Barack Tar, we need air support!"

Lieutenant Shyla watched through her scanner as a barrage of missiles from one of the hover tanks tore the Worm like beast apart but in its death throes its body collapsed on top of the tank smashing it into the ground, dozens of the two legged lizards had swarmed over the other hover tank and were literally starting to tear it apart, Shyla had seen enough. She drew her Monofilament blade, gunned her hoverbike and then took off down the hill towards the battle, the rest of her squad following behind.

Private Orsin leaped off his jeep, his pistols drawing quickly as several of the dog like beasts landed upon it. He fired repeatedly into the things before turning to look around him. The lines were buckling against the endless waves of shikana and his heart sunk as he saw Commander Barack and his Power Armour squad leaving them as they headed off down the street. His blood froze, as he heard a familiar growl not far off behind him, he spun as the two legged lizard leaped for him, his guns raising too slowly, then with a whoosh Lieutenant Shylya's mono blade cut the creature in half.

Slowly Nicole was dragged from the fallen Battle Tank by the Templar, dazed as she was she had remembered to grab the large launcher that now lay slung over her shoulder, about her Shyla's hoverbike squad was tearing into the shikana forces as the Lieutenant barked her orders reforming the ranks and protecting the last battle tank. Shyla's sword sung through the air at another of the beasts when one of the winged creatures barbed tail whipped around her neck ripping her off her bike and into the sky. In the sudden pain she dropped her mono blade, quickly her hands fumbled for her belt, drawing her handgun and flipping the switch to charge. The creatures claws dug into her shoulders as it bent down and ripped a chunk of flesh from her face. Click. Through the haze of pain Shyla heard the familiar sound of her weapons charge, she pointed it upwards and obliterated the beast, then with a silent scream plummeted into the street below.

With the sounds of heavy weapons fire Barack and his men battled their way down the street, he felt bad abandoning his men back there but if he could get the Hive mind this battle would be over. One of the creatures flew down from the sky at him; he aimed his gun and fired. Nothing. He swore at himself for his carelessness as the beast slammed against him, he grabbed it in one hard fist and rammed it into the ground. Quickly he started changing clips when the whole area shock again, one of his men screamed as the ground gave out beneath him and he fall like a stone, another howled as a tentacle burst through the street twisting about him before the sound of grinding metal silenced him. Weapon loaded Barack spun to face the tentacle, and then all hell broke loose.

The entire centre of the street erupted sending Barack and all his men sprawling as the gigantic upper body of some monstrosity reared up, its four blade like arms stabbed downwards piercing through the armour of Baracks men, its dragon like snout turning to stare in his direction. He was about to pull the trigger when he felt a searing agony in his mind, he held his hands against his helmet screaming and then the creature sprayed him in acid. The pain stopped and quiet suddenly the creature disappeared beneath the ground, dazed Barack sat up then quite hurriedly stripped the decaying armour off himself. He laughed loudly about his close brush with death then heard the distinctive growl of shikana, he rapidly looked about for a weapon, but it was to late his enemy was already upon him.

Markus with Nicole in tow ran over to the downed Shyla kneeling beside her, the Templar tapped his hand against her neck and blinked surprised, she was still breathing. Suddenly a new noise was heard on the battlefield, the unmistakable sound of jets. Missiles screamed down from above exploding about what remained of the Deathwing squadron and scattering the Shikana, then came the sound of rail guns as the newly arrived jets retook the skies from the Shikana.

This time Orsin himself screamed the orders as he rallied his fellow soldiers to drive back the now broken Shikana and in the process retook his jeep. Nicoles eyes widened as she leaped on Templar Markus pushing him to the ground moments before the street exploded beneath the last battle tank, literally sending it flying through the air as the gigantic visage once more remerged from beneath the ground. One of its bladed claws slashed a jet out of the sky and another mysteriously plummeted into the ground. Hordes of the winged terrors flocked to this monster in suicidal attempts to drive back the jets.

Without a word Nicole stood to her feet, unslung the launcher from about her shoulders and took aim at the Hive mind, then suddenly screamed falling to her knees hands against her head as the creatures gaze fell upon her. Markus run, rolled across the ground grabbing the hilt of Shyla's mono blade and rolled back onto his feet, slashing the mono blade to his left and cleanly slicing off the bladed claw that had stabbed outwards for Nicole.

A tentacle burst out of the ground beside Markus but again the monoblade sliced taking it clean off, at the same time another clawed blade stabbed down for him, his plasteel sword swung upwards parrying the attack as it forced him to his knees. The Hive mind shuddered as several energy torpedo's exploded over its back with a spray of gore, its head spun spraying acid over the attacking craft, but its shields saved it from the deadly bile. Distracted, Markus seized his opportunity and leaped upwards using his anti grav boots to drive him towards its neck, one of its eyes turned upon him and a claw impaled him through the back just before he was within reach.

Orsin saw the situation as he spun the barrel of the jeep mounted rail mini gun towards the Hive mind's head and screamed with all his rage as the bullets shredded through the monster. The pain suddenly fading from Nicoles mind she sat upwards once again, she started to aim when she noticed Markus writhing on the ends of its claw, she hesitated. It nearly cost them all as one of the lizards leaped across the ground for her, only to be obliterated by a burst of white energy before the blooded Shyla dropped to her knees. Nicole knew there would be no second chances; she fired.

She was blown back by the force of the blast as a massive rocket shrieked through the air towards the Terror of Nyiculs, The Hive mind turned back to Nicole too late and the last thing it heard before impact was the Templars own laughter. The rocket exploded with the force of a micro nuke, it blew all those near the Hive mind across the ground and annihilated the beast on an atomic scale.

All in all, the mission was a stunning success.