Codex Techoren: Homeworld

The true home world of the Federation, Quiels IV is now nothing but a myth among its own people, it is this reason that I therefore feel safe in making the recommendation that the Dyson Sphere, otherwise simply known as "The Sphere", be classified as the new Techoren home world. Situated at the center of Techoren territory, the seat of government might and surrounded by multiple star fleets it is easy to judge the amount of importance the Techorens place upon this "world". Of all the hundreds of worlds within the Federation every civilian, soldier, senator and corporation dreams of stepping foot upon the Sphere, for it is the nexus of the entire civilization, that through which all things connect.

The Dyson Sphere is, as you know, a sun encased in extremely thick super heat resilient metal believed to be constantly fixing and adjusting itself through nanotechnology. What is less known is that the Sphere is multi layered with additional protective and channeling layers between the first layer nearest the star and then finally coated in the last outer-most layer of the shell. The worlds Magtube transportation systems are actually mostly kept below the surface level of the Sphere thus freeing up more room for maximized efficiency. Multiple gravitational generators, kept below the surface for protection is what allows the Techoren to resist the otherwise fatal gravitational fields of their captive star. Further more environmental alternation factories supply a breathable atmosphere that is actually cleaner and fresher than most naturally evolved worlds.

Much to the surprise of many the Sphere does house many lakes and several oceans as well, although sadly most of these are buried beneath water based cities or used by many of the deep sea research laboratories, thus making them almost entirely invisible to Orbital surveillance. The world also claims to have many forests but these are a far cry from the wild forests that many of us know, either they are a civilian orientated recreation park or a rich executive hunting forest. The rest of the world is just overrun by military outposts, corporations, civilian housing and government sectors. Of all of the massive space built in and of the Dyson Sphere, not a single part is left unused, for a Scholar of House Technica it is truly awe inspiring.