Codex Techoren: History

In compliance with the will of the Ruling Union and the Voice of House Imperia, I have compiled my vast sums of notes on race TO: 56Q’VY. 03, otherwise known as Techoren, into this more viable sized codex so that it may be administered to the younger races, so that they might learn to work with a better understanding with the race contained herein. I felt it best to begin with the origins of this species, upon the now dead world of Queils IV, following standard protocols I have left out its Astropathic coordinates.

Queils IV

Orbiting a small single white star Queils IV was a well-balanced world of life giving resources, with water being the exception. It was a large world covered with many mineral rich mountains, lush fertile forests and huge spanning deserts. Water was the key to everything on Queils IV, all life needed it but there was not enough to go around, as life evolved on Queils IV, it evolved for war. As the battle for dominance of these water holes escalated between the species, one dominant race arose, The Quil-Tar or Sand Kings. Standing at 9ft tall with red tinted skin and a resistance to heat these creatures possessed an arcane connection to the primal powers of fire and used it to seize control of the water supplies and established themselves as the primal power of Quiels IV.

A scholar of House Arcana at the current time it was the Quil-Tar that brought me to Quiels IV, so I could attempt to study and watch the progress of there civilization. It was to my great surprise upon arrival that I quickly discovered that I was not alone. I encountered a young gentleman who identified himself as Ruro and claimed to be of House Technica, I had no reason to disbelieve him, and at the time we believed none outside our race knew of such things. I asked him if it was the Quil-Tar that brought him here and he shock his head, to my shock he pointed out a primitive tribal based culture clinging to survival on the fringes of the mountains, he called them the Toren.

Rise of the Toren

And so I observed the growth of the Quil-Tar, I saw their empire grow and bore mute witness to the genocidal atrocities they committed in the name of their fouls gods. One by one they purged their world of its species, all in blood sacrifice to their lords above, finally the Quil-Tar turned their malicious gaze upon the noble Toren. I could not help but feel for Ruro and the loss he would soon suffer and so I sought him out to offer my comfort. Yet when I found him he stood tall, calm and confident. He assured me the Toren were in no danger and that they would survive, though I could not fathom how, something about his demeanor struck me, it was his absolute certainly. Left in mystery and confusion I returned to the Quil-Tar. Silently I watch the war unfold and then it happened. The Toren had discovered gunpowder. It was generations beyond their tech, yet they had it. The Quil-Tar buckled against a might they had never seen before and the Toren charged forward showing the Quil-Tar the same mercy they had shown those before them, in less than 3 generations the Sand Kings where no more, and all the while Ruro watch silently, with nothing more than a grin upon his lips.

I too found myself captivated by the Toren, their growth extraordinary, their technology rapidly evolving faster than any race I had seen before them. They looted the cities of the Sand Kings, I thought the Quil-Tar’s arcane tech beyond the ken of the Toren but I was wrong. They took the ideas, the principles and ran with them, it opened their minds to things previously beyond their comprehension and they flourished like never before. Rapidly they spread across the globe as tribal societies grew into nations and in less than 15 generations they stood on the verge of new age. The Toren were about to enter space... then it all collapsed. Nuclear war erupted and the world descended into a radioactive winter.

Star Confederation

I was surprised by there resilience, the sheer determination with which they refused to die. Their world lay in ruins, their centers of power destroyed and yet their civilization did not fall. I watched in awe, joined now by my fellow brothers and sisters as the civilization endured on, nay, prospered. It was something we had never before seen, Queils IV turned hostile by the consequences of there own foolishness served only to strength them, the Toren's technologies surged radically forward to overcome the new conditions, to undo the racial mutations. The Cataclysm had not broken the Toren, it had remade them and all the while Ruro sat silent.

However Quiels IV was still in ruin and the Toren, armed with all their advanced tech, looked to the stars for an answer, soon after the first Toren spacecrafts, armed with proto-warp drives were touching down upon Queils V and VI. Within five generations 2 more worlds, III and VII, and a dozen moons had been colonized and the Toren changed their name to the Star Confederation. With space travel came the discovery to that they where not alone, they met two other races, an Elvin arcane race TriKhan, and a humanoid winged race called the Kirka who possessed a uniquely druidical powered Starfleet.

Faced with new threats from the system borders the three races aligned and held back against the armies of the outer rim. The Toren's might, now the Star Confederation, continued to grow, their technology now encompassed massive Toren piloted mech robot's, energy weapons, interplanetary ballistics and machines of war operated by a Toren’s soul called Sentinels. It was at this time I returned to the Prime World and transferred over to House Technica.

When I returned everything had changed, Ruro had disappeared and none of my brethren knew where but worse still were the Demons. Wrapped in the guise of Kirka and Toren alike these outer planar beings had infiltrated the two races and set them upon one another. I tried to prevent the war but things had already escalated beyond my control. Fleets collided in deep space and interplanetary ballistics tore entire worlds to shreds, finally the Toren unlashed Starfire a cyborg Kirka/Toren abomination that ripped the Kirka kingdom to shreds, in retaliation the Kirka unleashed the Weather Sphere; an artifact weapon that sealed the fate of Queils IV The Star Confederation’s Capital, with its fall the Toren lost control of Starfire and everything burned. Those Toren that yet survived, foreseeing their own imminent demise quickly retreated into deep space in a single massive exodus, leaving behind nothing but memories of a age now gone.

Rise of the Techoren

As the 2nd Great Cataclysm came to a close the remnants of the former Star Confederation took to deep space, with a new mission and new purpose, to find a home. The great fleet however could not agree exactly how to go about this and so it split into 10 separate factions each choosing to go its own way through the voids of space. It was at this time that Toren warp drives advanced considerably, not to mention space ship construction, design and military tactics. It was also about this time that the first Empaths became known, psionic mutations from the first Cataclysm.

It was an age of wonder and exploration as the Toren fleets braved the perils of deep space, it gave rise to the now popular modern folklore of legendry explorers, one of particular note is Mathias. Captain of a one man ship Mathias single handily charted whole regions of space, disappearing for years on end only to appear in time to save entire fleets from black holes, nebulas and other space phenomena... could it really have been him?

Ultimately the Toren fleet spread across the stars colonizing multiple worlds, none of them really that good. Each faction began to secretly grow jealous of the others and quickly all began amassing their own star fleets. This war however was avoided by a Toren genius named Dyson; he presented to the 10 factions an idea never before seen, even to our eyes, The Dyson Sphere, the Sun World. Immediately the 10 factions united and massive mining of deep space asteroids and planets occurred as construction of the famous "Sphere" begin. This new growth however provided the industries with a wealth of money and power, each one suddenly realizing if they alone could control the sphere they would rule all of Toren space. Suddenly the old Star Fleets were put to use as the "Guild Wars" erupted. Even as construction of the Dyson sphere progressed the many guilds ravaged each other’s worlds and wasted incalculable amounts of resources.

How exactly the guild wars came to an end was a stroke of military genius, nine influential charismatic people convinced the many armies of the separate guilds to unite behind them as government. With the completion of the Sphere the power of the guilds was forever broken and The Nine became the undisputed rulers of the newly titled Techoren race.

Modern Times

Since the completion of the Sphere there have been many challenges to the rule of The Nine and their government, from the marauding forces of other races, to civil uprisings and direct terrorist actions, however the greatest threat to The Nine turned out to be The Nine themselves. As their knowledge and wisdom of the other races grew they learned of a race of beings called the "Dark Jurai", their research quickly revealed these “Dark Jurians” to be a race of cold hearted traitorous backstabbing killers. Classifying them as an immediate threat The Nine prepared a pre-emptive strike. It was at this time they where approached by an ancient monstrosity known as the "Saalise", it offered unimaginable power in return for their aid against the Dark Jurai, they agreed. So began "The Black War"

The exact details of what happened after this are unknown to me as I was forced to flee for my very life. I have pieced some things together however. The Saalise used its mental powers to begin assuming control of various factions of the Techoren Federation, and new data revealed that the Dark Jurai was actually an honorable and noble race, I have reason to believe The Nine themselves were preparing to stand against the Saal, but this soon proved unnecessary as the forces of Dark Jurai slew this hated monstrosity in heated battle, instantly The Nine ordered full withdraw of Techoren forces from Dark Juraian space.

When the formation of the Great Alliance occurred the Techoren joined it along side the Dark Jurai, some still do not trust this race and perhaps with good reason. But for now they have stood firm to their agreement to help defend the worlds of the Alliance... at least for now