Codex Techoren: Government

There are three Powers of note within the Federation, the first and unquestionably the most powerful is the Government. They alone control the entire armada of the Techoren fleets and have total access to the vast array of racial technologies, few dare question their power, and fewer still survive doing so.

Lesser known to outsiders are the remaining two powers, the Corporations and the Mobs. While they themselves are not extensions of the Government, with perhaps a few exceptions, they do possess a considerable amount of might and influence that would be illogical to ignore.

At the top of the power structure are The Nine. Although the original Nine died eons ago the current Nine are themselves hundreds of years old. A person cannot be elected into The Nine. As there are logically Nine seats, with each one representing a certain position and duty that the serving member must fulfill. When a seat becomes available the person best able to fill that position is chosen by the other 8, once a person has joined The Nine it is for life or until that person steps down (although this is rare), often in this case the retiring member may choose their successor, with the approval of the others.

Below The Nine is the High Government, located on The Sphere, these people follow the orders of The Nine and are in charge of things that effect the entire Federation, from taxes, to new laws, to deploying MIB squads and military troops to troubled sectors and worlds.

Beneath the High Government are the individual World Presidents and their Senates. The President is elected every 20 years to maintain stability with Senators being elected every 5 years. Their duties are to look after their individual world, to make sure it is adequately defended, that taxes flow smoothly to The Sphere and all other general world maintenance.

Yet due to the High Governments persistent recruiting of soldiers for the Techoren fleets the world Presidents often find themselves competing with the corporations for the remaining warriors. Some businesses are very successful world companies and are willing to invest a vast deal of money in their personal safety taking them into direct competition with the President of that world, more problematic is the multi-global corporations which comprise many companies upon dozens of worlds, these businesses have vastly deeper pockets than any single world government and maintain their own personal armies. It is for this reason that world Presidents often team up with one or more corporations in the defense of their world, it is not uncommon for an entire planetary police force to be hired off a single company and several such multi global corporations exist for this sole purpose.

Mobs are often started from rich corporations that crossed the line of government laws. They deal in what the other corporations cannot or will not; drugs, black market goods and contract killings to name a few, and as such they have no direct competition aside from each other. I find it interesting that most Mobs have an undrawn line that they don’t cross, they have realized that if they maintain a semi low profile they will only have to deal with rivals, corporations and world governments, once that line is crossed the High Government would step in and they would be eliminated. Still many bitter wars have been waged between rival Mobs and angered corporations, most however attempt to prevent these from escalating too far out of hand and drawing the attention of the High Government, as after all that would be bad for business.