Codex Techoren: Physical Description

Due to the diversity and number of worlds within the Techoren Federation the race is affected by a considerable amount of climates, environments, gravitational fields and atmospheric conditions. As such it is impossible to standardize the appearance of the race based upon any one world let alone individual specimen. With that said there are still some facts that can be reported with an acceptable degree of accuracy, especially on the worlds at the heart of the Techoren Federation. All Techoren stand between 5-6ft tall, with males being noticeably taller and heavier than females. Skin colors vary from a deep, dark black to a soft pale white. Hair color ranges through an even more extreme spectrum from bright pink to charcoal gray, this can be either natural or artificial in origin. Of peculiar note are the eyes of an empathy, as they are often of two different shades, this does not always occur at birth and sometimes is the result of a powers awakening, I sadly do not fully understand the reasons behind this. Tattoos are common amongst the Techoren and are considered a form of artistic expression, in fact they encourage this within the military as a form of team building and group bonding, rare indeed is the soldier who does not have at least one.