Codex Techoren: Conclusion

And so we have finally come to the end of my vast array of notes. We seen the origin and rise of this glorious Federation, learnt of the morals and aims of its society, bore witness to the power of its weapons and heard of their beloved champions. I feel it important to add, that despite all the information contained here in, much much more had to be omitted due to size constraints, thus while all the information is accurate it is not necessarily complete, but rather a summary of known facts. To the ruling Union and the other races to which this information has been imparted, I can not truly say to which side the Techoren will stand in the coming Nightfall war, but I believe this, The Techoren are not a malicious race and have their own unique sense of honor, they would not allow the atrocities of the coming darkness to occur.

May the love of our Queen smile upon you, and the eyes of Mathias watch over us all
- Senior Watcher M'rah, House Technica