Codex Techoren: Armor

With the rapid and constant advancement of firearms and close quarter weapons, Techoren body armor has naturally had to likewise progress in leaps and bounds to compensate. The war loving nature of the race and the legions of combat willing soldiers, not to mention paranoid civilians, has created a market of high demand for strong, durable and most importantly, reliable armor. Due to the high intensity of Techoren weapons, and the often brute savagery of their opponents, few companies have been able to successfully design a publicly desirable, let alone military applicable, personal body armor. But a few have, and those designed are considerably impressive, both in longevity and maximized stopping potential. Unlike the weapons sector, no company have been able to corner any region of the multi global armor market, its either exclusively produced by the military or after a period of 5 years the High Government makes the designs public knowledge, to further encourage growth and development within the sector.

Due to the amount of Mob activates and the militaristic nature of Corporations personal body armor is rather easily acquired. Most local arms dealers also stock a variant of light weight body armor, and those with the right licenses, or working for certain Corporations/Mobs, are able to fairly easily obtain medium level armor. Heavy armor however is carefully monitored by the Government and is only obtainable by those with approved security clearance; as such it is just about never sold on the open market.

Beneath I have constructed a list of the most successful armor variants within the Federation. I do not believe there is a need to seek any further information.

Spidersilk Cloth: When the companies Ninite Corp and BioCom merged together to develop a next generation personal body armor everybody knew something big would come of it. Spidersilk was that something, impressive for its time the countless decades have merely allowed time to further enhance and perfect the already miraculous material. Spidersilk is an extremely lightweight, thin and exceedingly tensile matter that can be sown into almost any conceivable shape. Its thin nature allows for paranoid individuals to wear a layer underneath their clothes as a form of concealable body armor, the rich and wealthy often have suits, gowns or other various garments covered in a thin layer of spidersilk or possibly entirely constructed out of the substance itself. Spidersilk's tensile nature makes it overly resilient to impacting force, it can potentially stop bullets or blades, but it more likely to simply lessen the impact of the blow. The material itself is not guaranteed bullet proof and even if it does hold against a bullet the impact may still cause severe bruising, internal bleeding or even rupturing of internal organs, spidersilk is exceptionally good for what it is, light concealable body armor.

Padded Vestments: This type of body armor was engineered when the Corporation Gilatin developed a new form of impact absorbing gel, also called Gilatin. The design was simple, yet effective, protective body clothing would be created out of two overlapping layers of spidersilk with a layer of Gilatin gel sealed in between them. The spidersilk supplies protection against the bullet itself while the gel heavily reduces the impact force of the bullet, even if the silk layer should fail the penetrative force of the bullet is often greatly reduced. Due to its gel nature this armor is exceptionally comfortable, and usually comes in a pair of a zip up jacket and trousers, although conceivably can come in almost any form of clothing imaginable. This armor is most often employed by colonists, bounty hunters and mobsters looking for just that little extra protection.

Combat Vestments: The combat vestments are the standard armor of Techoren soldiers and law enforcement alike and is considered the most effective of the lightweight armors. It starts with a layer of padded clothing for basic protection, this is then further enhanced by a polyfiber combat vest, reinforced polyplastic helmet and Mythural steel capped combat boots. The combat vest itself is constructed out of polymetal fibers interwoven with Mythural strands to create a lightweight, damage resistant vest. The helmet is made out of strengthened polyplastics with an inner layer of Gilatin to protect the head from blows and make a comfortable fit, additionally the helmets visor is made out of an advanced rapidly tinting plastic to reduce battlefield glare.

Combat Armor: This armor is an advanced version of the combat vestments often employed by military squad leaders and senior officers. It starts with a standard layer of padded clothing and Mythural capped boots, this lightweight body armor is then considerably enhanced with the strategic placement of several Toreliem plates. The first is placed across the front upper torso and nano links with one connected to the back upper torso, a broad plate covers each shoulder and two additional plates protect the lower shines and over the knees. Additionally a layer of padded cloth is connected to each plate, filled with a heat absorbent gel called Helogin, this acts as a form of heat sink for the armor allowing it to reduce damage caused by heat and energy weapons. The combat suit also comes with a Mythural combat helmet, filled with a protective Gilatin layer, the helmet completely encloses the head and seals airtight, it filters oxygen in through a front vent and neutralizes any impurities out of the air, the visor has a light amplification feature and it comes with its own inbuilt com device.

Assault Armor: This heavy-duty assault armor, the strongest of the medium armors, is worn by frontline assault squads and tactical law enforcement units. It throws out the old design of padded cloth armor and turns completely towards advanced plate armor. Vital areas are covered in thick Toreliem plates, the front, the back, the shoulders, the forearms, the shins and knees. These plates naturally have Helogin padding. The remaining areas are covered in smaller articulated Mythural plates; this offers full body protection with a still high degree of maneuverability. Some versions of this armor replace the Toreliem plates with Highcryiem, though exceedingly stronger the armor becomes much more heavy. The armor comes with an advanced Highcryiem helmet, lined with Gilatin, it seals airtight and purifies the oxygen, it has its own com system, light amplification features, image clarification, motion sensors and a targeting system to tell you if your in range with its programmed weapon.

Power Armor: Constructed out of Toreliem metal and covered in an outside plating of Plasteel, power armor is one of the greatest personal armors a being could have. Built solely by the military Power Armor is used by Heavy Support squads and elite High Guard troops. Unlike conventional armors, Power Armor forms a mechanical exoskeleton around its wearer with a domed polyplastic helmet covered in a thin layer of Plasteel, powered by a high flux generator it is capable of greatly enhancing its wearers strength, additionally it allows a user to rapidly sprint in a straight line direction, although with considerable exhaustion. Power Armor acts as an environmental suit for its wearer, protecting them from harmful radiation, extreme heats or colds, it comes with its own oxygen supply, although it is able to filter and purify oxygen from the air around it, it even has minor medical features and is able to give its user a quick jab of pain killers if needed. Naturally all the wires, caballing and power core are safely sealed beneath the protective plasteel skin of this armor. Power armor also comes with its own inbuilt computer, it has a nav map, com system, image enhancement system that removes the slight visibility impairment of the plasteel layer, light amplification, heat sensors, motion sensors, targeting computers and zoom able scope screens. The only limitation of Power Armor is its bulk making it unsuitable for some situations.

Crystalin Power Armor: I am embarrassed to say I have been unable to uncover exactly what this armor is. What I do know is it appears to be the same shape as traditional power armor but is made of a different substance. This one has a jet-black crystalline like metal layer over top of it and is only utilized by the most elite of the High Governments troops. Whatever its secret is, they have guarded it with the best of their security and so I eagerly wait to witness its use in the coming wars, for then, despite all their secrecy, I will at last be able to unlock its secret.

Deflector Shield: It is well known that the Techoren make heavy use of defensive shielding on their Starships, however the amount of power necessary to create an effective defensive barrier has made the concept of personal shields impossible thus far for the Techoren. With that said, they did come up with an alternative, a Deflector shield or commonly called "Soft shield". Where as normal shields (Hard Shields) produce a solid almost impenetrable barrier of force that quickly weakens as it sustains damage, Deflector shields merely exert a small amount of force to push bullets and to bend beams away from the wearer. Its not perfect and velocity and size play a factor in its effectiveness but with nano technology the Techoren have been able to produce these at very small sizes, needing only a generator and simple governing computer, and they can be worn in addition to the above stated types of armor. Often worn as a broad belt, multi stoned necklace or bracelet these types of shields are easily concealable, but exceedingly expensive and hard to come by.