Techoren Federation

And included races


The Techoren Federation is unquestionly the largest empire in all of the alliance. There sphere of control cross's countless systems and litteraly hundreds of worlds. So great is there reach that they can barly maintain its grasp, countless infighting, insurrections, invasions, terroist activites and politcal curruption leaves the Techoren struggling to maintain its hold on its so many worlds.


The Techoren militry is huge, equipped with some of the most devastating weapons in the alliance, and supported by many of the greatest manfuctory plants ever seen. The skill of its soldiers is in question however, and it is often more through share weight in numbers that the Techoren has held its vast boarders for so long.


Money and power are the two greatest facets of Techoren society. Those without wealth desire it, and those with it seek power to accompany it. Curruption and criminal activity are strong in areas not heavily policed.

Still, despite its flaws, many Techorens are zealot paitrots of the Federation. Egerly enlisting and going to war to defend the ideals of there beloved society. Those the risk is great, those who make it out alive are often seen as heros to its people, and thus war is another way to power.

Techoren are amazingly enough, generaly friendly people, with low morales and an unjudgemental attitude. The exact opinons of the people vary greatly, one willing to sell his own mother for a quick buck, the other an honorable hero willing to die for the greater good. Religion means little to the Techoren, for each man is the master of his own destiny.

Sub Empires

Nether Elves

Hundreds of races exist within Techoren space, so it is surprising to discover that the race they best bonded with was one of tech hating, envirmentalist, magic using creatures. Yet the Nether Elves have impressed the larger empire, and have been allowed to somewhat flourish. Its hard to say how many worlds they possess as there cities are located far beneath the surface, but most nether elf worlds house only small communities.

Military: The might of the nether elf military has been tested by the Techoren on many occasions. though they possess no spacecraft of there own, the subterran nature of there cities makes them almost all but immune to orbital bombardment. They are masters of illusionary magic, and their enchanted blades are of infamous renown. In the darkness they are stalking death, but in the light of day they are as susceptible to all the vast weapons of war as anyone else.

Culture: Death, murder, betrayal, revenge. These are the ways of the nether elves. War is no stranger to them, living in a society where ones possessions is determined by if one is strong enough to take it. War with the Techoren was inevitable and they have battled on countless worlds, yet it is for these reasons that the Techoren have formed a grudging respect for there "simpler" neighbors. It is not uncommon for Techorens to employ the mercenary serves of these creatures.

Nether Elf society is divided into clans, with the most powerful one having domination of the city (if there is one). While rare, there are a few powerful clans that exist on multiple worlds, how they communicate, if they even do, is not known. Some suspect it involes the priesthood of Aev'ilius.

Proud, suspious, and ruthless, Nether Elves are delicate creatures to deal with and can easily be offended. Nether Elves like a power structure, they tend to be passive and at least somewhat agreeable if they feel others are stronger than themselves, but are blunt, rude and aggressive, if not out right voilent, if they believe themselves the superior

Feral Elves

For the longest time the Techoren believed the Feral Elves and Nether Elves where the same race entirely. Eventually they learned the differences in the hardest of ways. Possessive of wondrous Druidic powers, and inhuman psychic prowess they proved a simplistic, yet dangerous adversary, one the Techoren often came into contention with. With more important things to contend with now, the Feral elves have been left alone. They now inhabit a reasonable number of the Techorens unindustrialised worlds.

Military: Despite a natural feroicty and power, this races military is questionable. With no starships of there own and very limited ranged weaponry they tend to make easy pickings in ranged combat. Yet for those who stray to close they have unnaturaly gifted strength and agility, strong druidic magics that turn the forces of nature against their enemies, and impressively great healing magics. All this makes for a surprisingly diffcult enemy to stamp out.

Culture: The life of a Feral Elf is never easy. Constant warfare and tradgy of ages past has driven these elves to live within some of the most hostial area's imaginable. Traitorus swamps, thick jungles, to freezing mountain tops and valcanic crators. It is a hard life with little luxury, that makes for a hard people.

Feral Elves live within tribes, looking up to a singal tribal leader, often an elder, while spending there time learning the ways of natures spirit magic, and struggling to survive. Strangly enough all Feral Elves believes believe there race has lost "something", though they can not agree on what, and so the many tribes often find themselves searching outwards, looking for something they arnt even sure what.

In meeting, Feral Elves are simple spoken and easily understandable beings. They state there mind, indeed there feelings and that is that. Presuading and neoigating with them can prove to be a much more tricker thing indeed